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From Field Technicians

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Founded by field corrosion technicians in the Oil & Gas Pipeline Corrosion industry, AIMaps was created because we knew there had to be a better, easier, more efficient way to do our jobs.

We’ve experienced first-hand the frustration of not being able to record, find, or access the asset-related information we needed when we were on the road or in the field. We believe software doesn’t have to suck and we’re building an intelligent platform for any company with distributed assets.   

Our Vision

At AIMaps, we are taking aim at outdated, unintuitive pipeline asset management software systems.

Our background is in cathodic protection and corrosion control, so we’ve walked MANY miles in your field personnel’s proverbial shoes. We’ve experienced the headaches and hassles that go with using mapping and asset management programs that were created by software companies with no on-the-ground experience with distributed asset management.

That’s why we set out to reimagine the way a computer-based distributed asset compliance solution should work. We think software tools should make your job simpler, work anywhere your work takes you, and securely provide you all of the information you need in context. That’s exactly what AIMaps does.

We started with the pipeline corrosion industry, but quickly realized the same tools are being used in countless other industries with distributed assets. We’re building a platform to manage and serve any type of distributed asset, from oil and gas pipelines, to public utilities, and more.

Our Team

Deke Wright

Deke Wright

CEO & Founder

After serving as a vehicle mechanic and recovery specialist in the U.S. Army, Deke began his career on a CIS crew, working his way up to corrosion technologist, before founding AIMaps. Prior to AIMaps Deke co-founded Elite Corrosion.
For years, Deke used the existing mapping and asset management programs that were out there, so he know first-hand the frustration of not being able to record, find, or access the information he needed, especially when he was out in the field. Deke knew there was a better way to do his job, and that’s why he decided to create a software platform that technicians would want to use and that didn’t take a manual to understand.
Taylor McCaslin

Taylor McCaslin

Advisor, Product

Hands on product and SaaS adviser with 8 years of experience in product management and software engineering at enterprise scale, hyper-growth SaaS technology companies including: GitLab, New Knowledge, Duo Security, WP Engine,, and Bazaarvoice.
Luke Lerdal

Luke Lerdal

Advisor, Data Analytics

 Hands on data analytics engineer. An Expert level Tableau developer and server administer, with over 5+ year experience in industries ranging from healthcare to fortune 500 consumer packaged good organizations.

Vincent Smith

Vincent Smith

Advisor, Sales

Hands on sales adviser with 20 years of technology management experience specializing in sales strategies. Co-Founder of now Outmatch HCM.

Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen

Advisor, Security

Strategic technical adviser with 20+ years of experience in web security & development across many industries. Robert currently is the CTO of BitDiscovery and is an advisor & board member of many technology companies. Robert also is a serial founder.


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