Every asset,

always up to date.

Our cloud platform keeps data synced and accessible from anywhere. The moment your field personnel update asset details from the field with our mobile app, you get immediate business intelligence analytics that help you spot issues before they become problems.

Maps not tables.

People visualize geographically distributed assets in terms of maps. So why does every asset management software put data in spreadsheets and tables?

We’re taking a cue from your favorite mapping software, and bringing your assets along for the ride. View, manage, and monitor your assets in the field, on a map, always up to date.

Asset Mapping

Regardless of how many distributed assets you may have, the AIMaps platform can help you visualize their geographic location, plotted as points of interest on an interactive map. Zoom in, pan around, change the map type, explore your data, AIMaps is like a private Google maps for your assets.

Offline Access

Whether you’re in the middle of the city, or the middle of nowhere, you’ll always have your data. Our offline mobile caching allows you to access and edit asset details even when you have no cellular service. When you get service again, your edits will sync back to the platform. No more excuses.

Role-based map permissions

Simple yet powerful role-based access controls let you decide who can view and interact with your assets. Our access model is granular, enabling you to provide only need-to-know information and edit permissions for individual users. Reduce risk, and drive focus for your field personnel.

Geotag data edits

Our system also fingerprints and geotags changes to asset metadata updated with our mobile app. This provides a robust audit trail and ensures that your field personnel are physically located with the asset they are interacting with.

Training & Ease of Use 

You shouldn’t need expensive and time consuming trainings just to use critical business software. We believe that software should be easy to use and intuitive. Anyone who has used google maps or a mobile app will be able to quickly start using the AIMaps software. For those who need more hands on training we offer a knowledge base and tutorials to help you get started.


Ready to modernize your maps?