Reports & Intelligence

Every asset, in context.

With your asset data centralized and always up to date, the AIMaps platform can help you spot anomalies and identify trends with intelligent analytics powered by customizable heuristics and data inference.

Intelligent Analytics.

Our data science approach to asset management helps you identify issues before they become problems saving you time, money, and effort by recommending preemptive repairs, flagging anomalous data points, and triggering alerts for assets that fall out of compliance.

Proactive Intelligence

What if your assets could warn you of issues before they were problems? Our customizable business intelligence analytics allow you to spot problematic trends or readings, before they cause costly repairs, or worse critical failure. Get alerts on these events and you’ll wonder why your data didn’t provide you intelligent insights before now.


Interactive Analytics

Explore your asset data in a way you’ve never done before. Visualize readings, spot anomalies, and graph just about any data point. Forget excel and pivot tables, the AIMaps platform has you covered. Though if you need to export a data table, we support that too.


Data Platform Integrations

With all your data in one place and always up to date, we wanted to give you powerful business intelligence tools on top of that. All of your data comes with custom reporting powered by Tableau, which we can customize to your needs. And if you already have a tableau license you can also create your own reports.


Custom Reports

Any data on an asset can be viewed in a customizable report complete with filtering and exporting that you would expect. We also support


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