Security and privacy

It’s your data, we work hard to keep it secure

We leverage industry-standard security technologies and data protection practices to keep your data secure. 

Data and Activity History

Have you ever deleted a file accidentally, or cut when you meant to copy? Our data keeps a full edit history, enabling you to restore any mistakes or recover missing data. Additionally, a full data history allows for advanced analytics on asset performance and reliability over time. Data loss is a thing of the past.

Access and Event Logging

Every change made to your data comes with an activity log including a timestamp, user ID, and geolocation, allowing you to see exactly who is doing what. Malicious edits and deletions of data can be easily reverted, and the offender can be quickly identified and tracked.

Flexible Deployment Options

We’ve build the AIMaps platform using modern cloud technologies bringing your data into the 21st century. Getting up and running on the AIMaps platforms takes just hours, not weeks or months. No more data syncing, no more installing software updates or patches. AIMaps is always up to date, and gets better everyday with our cloud deployment model, whether your hosted in our cloud or your on-premise private cloud.

Our Approach to Security 

You often hear that companies care about security, or have it baked into their design. That is often simply not true – or the things they are willing to do are limited to what modern website architecture give you naturally. Unlike those companies, we know exactly how to defend against the most common attacks, and we recognize how important this is for your business. Our security is your security, and we know that failure simply isn’t an option. 


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