Industry use cases

One platform. Infinite possibilies.

AIMaps helps any company with distributed assets track, manage lifecycle, and learn from their data. Gone are the days of manual reports, mis-typed data points, scattered data, and lack of aggregated reporting. AIMaps centralizes your asset management and helps you see the big picture.

Distributed assets, unified intelligence.

AIMaps helps you see the whole picture of your business. The moment your field personnel updates asset details from the field with our mobile app, you get immediate business intelligence analytics that help you spot issues—before they become problems.

Every asset, always up to date.

When your assets are geographically dispersed, your data becomes scattered too. Data distributed across traditional spreadsheets and local software deployments is prone to manual entry errors, loss, corruption, and theft. From mapping your assets, tracking metadata, project management, compliance, and business intelligence analytics, AIMaps unifies your asset data into a single always updated map. No matter where you or your assets may be, never lose sight of the whole picture.

Oil & Gas

Our initial supported industry, borne out of expertises, we support O&G corrosion and asset integrity right out of the box.


From solar panel deployments, to wind farms. We may have started with Oil & Gas, but renewables are an excellent use case for tracking high value assets.


The backbone of our public infrastructure, utilities like water, electrical, and fiber all have a massive scale of distributed assets to keep track of.

Military Repairs

The government and military maintain complex paper records for deployed and stationed assets. Tracking the maintenance schedules and horde of data assets generate is largely a manual process today.

Waste Management

Distrubted waste management assets (porta potties) at festivals and concerns end up scattered around large outdoor venues and across cities.

Every asset, always up to date.


ASSET Intelligence MAPS

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